Swanson Midgley can handle federal tax controversies ranging from civil tax assessments to criminal tax fraud investigations. We have attorneys who not only have multiple years of experience involving tax audits and tax appeals, but who also have also worked for the Internal Revenue Service. We believe that succeeding in a tax contest involving the IRS warrants first trying to prevail at the lowest level, the IRS audit.

Next, we almost never shy away from appealing the findings of an IRS agent. Swanson’s attorneys have experience in appeals within the IRS where resolution is more cost effective than litigating a tax case. On appeal, if the IRS conferee’s findings are unacceptable, we like to make it clear that the conferee’s position will be rejected and the client will proceed to litigate the issue in court. In other words, we are prepared to litigate a client’s tax case if our client is dissatisfied with the outcome of an appeal.