At Swanson Midgley, we offer our clients a body of services comprising legal, fiduciary, and tax-planning services, all integrated in order to meet a client’s entire estate planning objectives. To achieve this result, on select occasions we serve as lawyers and fiduciaries.

We are often asked whether an individual fiduciary or a corporate fiduciary should be named in a trust document.. We believe this entirely depends on the clients’ comfort level in naming their attorney as fiduciary, or do they prefer a corporate trustee. The choice must always result in a fiduciary whose skills are suited to the particular trust and client involved. Only certain of our attorneys, and not the Firm, serve as trustees, and they take this responsibility seriously, making sure at all times that not only is their training and expertise appropriate, but also the clients’ family circumstances and their objectives provide suitable conditions for one of our attorney’s to serve as trustee.

A question often asked is who directs the investment decisions made by the trustees when Swanson’s attorneys are serving. The answer is that our attorneys always have independent financial advisors recommending suitable investments for the trust. Our attorneys serving as trustees also work with accountants, life insurance agents and other professional advisors to ensure that the overall financial plan best achieves all client objectives.