Swanson Midgley’s estate planning services involve the design of disposing at death of one’s estate, as well as the preservation of one’s estate during their lifetime.

Our clients run the gamut: single, married, LGBT, second marriages with and without children from a prior marriage, people leaving most of their wealth to charities, people of wealth leaving none of their wealth to charity, wealth being transferred between multiple generations, typically children and grandchildren, as well as foreign citizens residing in the US. Our attorneys strive to spend more time understanding family dynamics, including the expectations of our clients with respect to their wealth and how it can best impact their heirs or other beneficiaries, including charitable organizations.

We believe our estate planning toolbox consists of some of the best legal techniques available under current law, including state and federal tax laws. That is why we avoid highlighting the tools until we establish the clients’ goals. Only then do we know which tools are best suited to achieve the clients’ objectives.

The Swanson Midgley estate planning toolbox includes revocable and irrevocable trusts, which are used for a variety of purposes, including asset protection objectives. We use state of the art provisions within our trusts, not boilerplate forms, in order to address the personal, and often private desires of the client to best assure that their objectives are met. An example: parents want to incentivize a child or grandchild to enter a specific profession, so in their trust they provided that additional distributions may be made to such child if he or she becomes a school teacher, or a nurse, etc.